This photograph was taken through a chain-link fence at an abandoned construction site in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. From the look of it, work had been largely completed on the exterior of this very elaborate building before the project was shut down. The purpose of the little shack in the foreground is not obvious.

The lettering on the shack, like the larger work, seems to have been abandoned in medias res: If you look up “pelig” in a Spanish-language dictionary (or avail yourself of the type-ahead feature in the Mexican edition of Google), you come up with “peligro” (‘danger’), suggesting that the mark following the “G” is an abandoned “R.” Besides “peligro,” a dictionary will typically also list “peligroso” [‘very dangerous’], while Google offers, in addition to “peligro,” “peligro reik” , “peligro reik letra” [the lyrics to the foregoing], and “peligroso pop” [a song by the pop band Plastilina Mosh], and that’s pretty much it.

So, if looking forward fills out a truncated label that would have, had it been completed, spelled “danger,” what’s the back sto|