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Hello, world @1951

 “Hello, world” is the season-agnostic output of many a budding programmer’s first successful program but it is an especially apt one as a greeting to the new year for the optimists among us, programmers and nonprogrammers alike. Accordingly, we offer ten different ways in which you might express this greeting (from which we will omit the comma) to greet the year 2011:

1. In Morse Code

…. . .-.. .-.. —  / .– — .-. .-.. -.. 

(See for a nifty Morse Code – Roman alphabet conversion utility.)

2. In one or another of the conventional acrophonic alphabets, e.g.,

How Easy Love Love Oboe William Oboe Roger Love Dog

(See for a list of ten such “alphabets.”)

3. In a language other than English, e.g.,

  • Latin (Ave Munde)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Oi Mundo)
  • French (Bonjour Monde)
  • Hindi( Devanagari namaste duniyaa)

4. Using only “silent” letters, e.g.,

H (as in fight) E (as in love) L (as inwalk) L (as in talk) O (as in people) W (as in write/wrong) O (as in flower) R (as in forecastle) L (as in palm) D (as in handkerchief).

(Cf. for a list from which, stumped by O, D, and—because our speech is not of the so-called “r-less” variety—R, we have borrowed.)

 5. In phonetic (IPA) transcription: ipa hello world

6. In Pig Latin: ello-hay earld-way. Or Oppish: hopellopo woproplopdop(?) [We may be in over our heads here.]

7. Using an odd-ball font:

funny fonts

As an anagram, e.g.:

  • Rolled Howl
  • Doll Howler
  • Droll Whole
  • Lewd Ho Roll

(See for an entertaining anagram generator.)

9. In semaphore:

semaphore hello world

10. And, finally, here’s a budding JavaScript programmer’s script that you can try at home should you have absolutely nothing better to do to improve the shining hour. To do so, create a text file named helloworld.html and copy the following code into the file and save it. Execute the script by clicking on the file. If you’re running Internet Explorer, you will need to override the restriction against running scripts and ActiveX controls before you can run the program.



<title>JavaScript Hello World</title>   

<script language=”JavaScript”>


function hello()


            alert(“Hello world”)






<form name = “helloworld” onSubmit=”hello()”>


<input type=”submit” value=”Click me”>